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Book Description:

Allama Mashraqi (Inayatullah Khan) and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, two eminent 20th century personalities of the Indian sub-continent, fought for freedom — the former for an undivided and the latter for a divided British India. The political controversy between these two leaders over the partition of the Indian sub-continent is an extremely important topic from the independence movement’s perspective. This work discusses Allama Mashraqi’s rigorous efforts to prevent the Muslims and India from being divided, while Quaid-e-Azam remained focused on the partition of India.
Separation divided the country and the Muslims into three parts, and the majority of 100 million Muslims became second-class citizens in their own homeland. To nationalist leaders of the time (who were anti-partition), Quaid-e-Azam was playing in the hands of the British; and the gilded gentry of All-India Muslim League (AIML) had no history of serving the masses and partition was a short cut to their ambition. Did the British use the AIML, and was a truncated Pakistan a parting kick of the British to weaken the Muslims? And why did the British never imprison AIML leadership, if the AIML was truly fighting to end their rule?

Many other intriguing questions arise that have yet to satisfy a logical mind. For instance, why did the British deny recognition of all Muslim parties, except AIML, and never sought their points of view? Why did the AIML insist on division, when Pakistan could not safeguard 100 million Muslims? Why was it necessary to create Pakistan out of Muslim majority provinces where they were already in power? Were nationalists, who were anti-partition, lacking in vision or apathetic to the future of the Muslims? Why has the nationalist point of view of an undivided India been kept concealed (libraries are kept empty of their material), and why has the public only been reading the AIML’s perspective?

This book brings these questions to light and presents Mashraqi’s point of view. The author uncovers facts that are not easy to dispute and unearths the falsehood, the twisting and manipulation of facts and the propaganda surrounding the freedom movement. It reveals the hidden truths behind the creation of Pakistan and shatters misconceptions regarding the history of the Indian sub-continent.

Published in 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9760333-8-7
Library of Congress # 2007903503
Published in the USA in hard cover. Pages: 440

"Allama Mashraqi’s life - his message to the world" - Nasim Yousaf

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"Allama Mashriqi & Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan: Two Legends of Pakistan"

Book Description:

Allama Mashriqi was an eminent mathematician and scientist and a renowned scholar who broke records at Punjab University in Pakistan as well as at Cambridge University in England. He was one of the founding fathers of Pakistan and the founder of the Khaksar Movement; he played a vital role in the independence of Indo-Pakistan. The first part of this book is an eye opener, as Mashriqi’s grandson reveals facts from Pakistan's history that are unknown to many.

Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan was a scholar, a world renowned social scientist, and the founding father of the Pakistan Academy for Rural Development and the Orangi Pilot Project. His projects acclaimed global recognition and are benefiting millions of poor people around the world. Mashriqi and Dr. Khan were closely related. Both men’s services to Pakistan are unprecedented as they successfully mobilized the masses for their causes: Mashriqi for freedom and Dr. Khan for poverty alleviation. Mashriqi’s followers were in millions while Dr. Khan’s projects are benefiting millions.

ISBN: 1401090974
Library of Congress #: 2003090150
Published in the USA in hard & soft covers






"Pakistan's Freedom & Allama Mashriqi: Statements, Letters, Chronology of Khaksar Tehrik (Movement), Period: Mashriqi's Birth to 1947"

Book Description:

Allama Mashriqi, one of the founding fathers of Pakistan, was one of the greatest scholars and leaders of the 20th century. "Pakistan’s Freedom & Allama Mashriqi" is a timeline of events surrounding this giant among men and his Khaksar Tehrik (also known as the Khaksar Movement).

Mashriqi, a genius, broke records at the Cambridge University (U.K.) and emerged as a world-renowned mathematician and scholar. It is believed that his academic records at the Cambridge University are yet to be broken. He held the position of Under Secretary (Education Dept.) in British India. Prior to partition, the British offered him title of Knighthood and Ambassadorship; he declined both offers. Mashriqi was also among great writers, and his monumental work is "Tazkirah" (nominated for Nobel Prize), which presents a scientific view of the Holy Quran. After resigning from the government service, Mashriqi founded the Khaksar Tehrik in 1930. This Movement created history and led to the freedom of the Indian subcontinent and the emergence of Pakistan and India.

"Pakistan’s Freedom & Allama Mashriqi" is the result of almost a decade of exhaustive research by Mr. Nasim Yousaf (grandson of Mashriqi). It is one of the most important documents in Indo-Pak history that has ever been produced on the Khaksar Movement. This work will go a long way in unveiling many hidden facts surrounding independence, as Pakistan and India’s history remains incomplete and imperfect without discussing the Khaksar Movement’s role toward freedom.

This chronology goes far beyond merely listing dates of events; it includes important correspondence, resolutions, press statements, official communiques, photos, and much more. This work allows the reader to get an undistorted and factual understanding of Mashriqi and the Khaksars’ unparalleled resistance and suffering that mobilized the nation for freedom. "Pakistan’s Freedom & Allama Mashriqi" is an eye-opener and an immense source of information for scholarly studies, historians, professors, students, film-makers, journalists, and others interested in Indo-Pak history.

The editor has used credible sources, including non-Khaksar materials. In addition, his personal knowledge provides great insight into the life of Mashriqi and his Movement. Based on this information, Mr. Yousaf has provided comments wherever needed.

ISBN: 0976033305
Library of Congress #: 2004106195

Published in the USA in hard cover

"Allama Mashraqi’s life – a beacon for humanity" - Nasim Yousaf

"Pakistan's Birth & Allama Mashraqi: Chronology & Statements, Period: 1947-1963"

Book Description:

Allama Mashraqi (Inayatullah Khan), sage of the East, was among few courageous leaders who bravely fought for the independence of India that resulted in the creation of Pakistan and India. Mashraqi’s role prior to and after the partition of India is vital to the history of the Indian sub-continent. He was founder of Khaksar Tehreek (Movement) (founded in 1930) and Islam League (founded after independence). Mashraqi devoted his life to the uplift of the common man. He was not only an outstanding leader of the 20th century but also one of the greatest revolutionaries, visionaries, scholars, and mathematicians that emerged in that part of the world.

Mashraqi’s genius was proven when early on when he set unprecedented academic records at the Cambridge University (U.K.). There he completed four Triposes in five years with distinction. He was declared a Bachelor Scholar, Foundation Scholar and a Wrangler. It is believed that his academic records at this University are yet to be surpassed. He returned to India after his education and within a few years, in 1917, at age 29, he was appointed Under Secretary (Education Dept.) in British India. The British offered him Ambassadorship to Afghanistan in 1920 and the title of Sir in 1921. However, he declined both offers, and opted to represent and fight for the masses. Mashraqi was also among great speakers and writers, and his monumental work is “Tazkirah” (“Tazkira”) an interpretation of the Holy Quran from a scientific perspective. Indeed, these credentials speak of a man born with astounding skills and exceptional abilities. Such personalities are born once in centuries.

 Mashraqi’s followers and supporters ran in millions. He passed away in 1963 and well over 100,000 people came to attend his funeral and mourn his demise. With his death, an important chapter of Pakistan and India’s history closed, as he played a vital role in both the pre- and post- independence eras. Though Mashraqi passed away, people will continue to be inspired by this legendary personality. May his soul rest in peace.

 “Allama Mashriqi’s legacy is immortal” Nasim Yousaf

"Pakistan’s Birth & Allama Mashraqi” is a time line of events surrounding this giant among men, his political activities, and his parties. This publication is a result of exhaustive research on this subject that Mr. Yousaf, Mashraqi’s grandson, has been carrying on for over a decade. This work includes important dates, events, press statements, information on court proceedings, photos, and more. It also provides additional insight through the editor’s comments. It is one of the most comprehensive and important pieces that the editor has published on Mashraqi and his parties. It is a great source of information for scholars, researchers, professors, historians, authors, journalists, students, movie/documentary makers and anyone else interested in this great personality. This book is a sequel to “Pakistan’s Freedom and Allama Mashriqi: Statements, Letters, Chronology of Khaksar Tehrik (Movement), Period: Mashriqi’s Birth to 1947.

ISBN: 0976033348
Library of Congress #: 2005932487
Published in the USA in hard cover

"Import & Export of Apparel and Textiles
Part 1: Export to the US
Part 2: Import from Pakistan"

Book Description:

Import & Export of Apparel & Textiles is intended to promote trade between Pakistan and the US. The book discusses the different steps one needs to take in setting up a business. It explains everything from the advantages of the export business and the production of apparel to making a practical entry into the US apparel and textile market. It also provides valuable information to entrepreneurs in the US and elsewhere who might be interested in importing apparel and textiles from Pakistan. This information will save a tremendous amount of time for any importer or exporter, especially beginners. It is designed to give a head start to any entrepreneur.

The book is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Export to the US
This part provides a wealth of information for exporters around the world who want to sell their products to the US. It covers topics in depth, including methods of finding US buyers, market research, important trade shows, options of selling, web sites of designers and large US chain stores, garment production, apparel machinery, sources of finding fashion styling and color forecasting information, and much more.

Part 2: Import from Pakistan
This part serves as a guide for importers on how to acquire apparel and textiles from Pakistan. It provides information on how to reach Pakistani manufacturers, exporters, and more.

The book is primarily written to help Pakistani exporters in selling to the US market and for importers who intend to buy from Pakistan.

ISBN Hardcover: 1-4010-1411-9
ISBN Softcover: 1-4010-1410-0
Library of Congress #: 2001117379
Published in the USA in hard & soft covers


Government of British India on Allama Mashraqi and Khaksar Tehreek (Movement): A Select Chronology
A descriptive timeline of the correspondence of the Secretary of State, Viceroy of India, Provincial Governors, and high officials, intelligence reports, and other events (Focal Period: 1930s and 40s) *New Book*

Editor: Nasim Yousaf
Library of Congress Control Number: 2010904477
ISBN: 978-0-9826110-0-5
Pages: 544
Published in the USA in hard cover. Year: 2010

An unprecedented academic undertaking toward the Indian subcontinent’s history, this landmark publication presents a timeline of the Government of British India’s materials as well as historically important events and news, relevant to Mashraqi and his Khaksar Tehreek (Khaksar Movement). It contains descriptive information on the secret and private correspondence of the Secretary of State for India, Viceroy of India, Provincial Governors, and other high officials. It also includes descriptions of classified and confidential documents and intelligence and Provincial Governors’ fortnightly reports.

This work is among the most comprehensive chronologies ever
created on the subject and caters to researchers, historians, educators, authors, journalists, students, movie/documentary makers, and the like. It is complimentary to the other chronologies already published by the editor and should be used in conjunction with those works:

1) Pakistan’s Freedom & Allama Mashriqi: Statements, Letters,
Chronology of Khaksar Tehrik (Movement), Period: Mashriqi’s
Birth to 1947

2) Pakistan’s Birth & Allama Mashraqi: Chronology & Statements,
Period: 1947 - 1963


"Import & Export of Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs
Part 1: Export to USA
Part 2: Import from Pakistan"

Book Description:

In writing this book, the author has used over two and a half decades of his knowledge and experience in international trade. This is an extremely practical trade resource for new entrepreneurs, importers, exporters, business executives, students, and others. This publication guides entrepreneurs on how to import and export hand knotted oriental rugs. It also benefits affluent end-consumers as well as furniture and home furnishing retailers, who wish to avoid middlemen and purchase rugs directly from the source. "Import & Export of Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs" targets a worldwide audience. It is a must for anyone seeking knowledge in the business of rugs.

This publication is divided into two parts:

Part I: Export to U.S.A.
Part I explains how to set up an import and export business and provides information on the rug market in the United States of America. It discusses import and export procedures, feasibility studies, business planning, marketing, types of companies, financing, finding US importers, trade shows and potential sources of selling in the USA, business travel, working with customers, international modes of payment (such as letters of credit), patents, production, shipping, and more. It provides information on hand knotted oriental rugs, the American area rug market, and trade statistics.

Part II: Import from Pakistan
Part II provides an introduction to Pakistan and takes you to the cities of Pakistan where rugs are manufactured by hardworking artisans and then exported to world markets. It covers topics such as culture, traveling to Pakistan, finding Pakistani exporters, and more. Entrepreneurs, including individuals, who are interested in importing from Pakistan and have little or no knowledge of the country, can certainly benefit from this part of the book. This book also provides useful web sites and other contact information in USA and Pakistan.

ISBN: 0976033313
Library of Congress #: 2004195186
Published in the USA in hard cover

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Mahatma Gandhi & My Grandfather, Allama Mashriqi


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